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Bruce Adderly Sound Studios Pty. Ltd. set on a 10 Acre rural property offers a high quality recording facility in a beautiful relaxed atmosphere with no parking problems.

The 9M x 7.5M (30 x 25 feet) fully floating studio has exceptional accoustics, tripple glazed windows and is equipped with a Drum Booth, Yamaha Grand Piano, track lighting and fully silenced reverse cycle airconditioning for your confort.

The quad control room is also an isolated floating room with tripple glazed windows and fully silenced reverse cycle aircontitioning. Equipped with a Euphonix CS3000 Audio Desk, 16 and 24 Track Ampex analogue multitrack recorders, also 4 track and 2 track Ampex recorders, JBL Studio Monitors, and EMT Stereo Echo Plate. There is an array of effects quiplment including Urei LA 3A and LA 4A compressor limiters, Dolby noise reduction, Keepex noise gates and Gain Brain processors.

As well as analogue recording facilities we also offer full digital recording facilities and mastering.

The studio has and extensive range of high quality microphones including Neuman U47 Fets, U87's, U47, KM74, KM84's, and a SM69 fet Stereo Neuman. We also have a range of microphones from other leading manufacturers including Electrovoice, Sennheiser, AKG, Shure along with a collection of classic ribbon Microphones.

Bruce Adderly Sound Studios Pty. Ltd. is also equipped with a sofisticated power conditioning system to ensure clean power with constant voltage and spike surpression. The studio is also equipped with its own backup generator to cover any power outages.